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Saturday, November 16th - 5:00 PM-10:00 PM

Festival of Lights @ Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

DERF Happy Hour

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If I were a woman back in the old cowboy days I think I would have been a pretty good hooker.

It's not like I think about it a lot but from everything I've heard I think I could have been a pretty successful hooker back in the old cowboy days. I guess life was hard back then but being a hooker might have been the exception. First of all they probably only allowed one hooker per saloon which means I would have had the whole place to myself every night. Also, most of the cowboys probably hadn't seen any action in years so they'd be eager customers. Plus I'm natural at speaking with a cowboy accent and saying stuff like, "Whad'ya say I help ya take a load off them dusty ol' bones after a long day of wranglin' up them doggies or whatever." The only bad part is sometimes maybe the only payment was whiskey which I've never liked but maybe if that's how everyone paid I could acquire a taste for it. Yep, overall I'd say being a female hooker would have been one of my top choices back in the old cowboy days.