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Family fed up with Dad's habit of recapping bathroom events

Mt. Lookout - Marylin Brenner has tolerated her husband's bathroom commentary her entire married life. Mrs. Brenner says on a typical day her husband Joe walks out of the bathroom and excitedly proclaims something like, "Sheeze honey, I committed an act of violence in there!" The Brenner family has had enough of Dad's disgusting commentary. Marylin pointed out a recent embarrassing situation in which the Brenner kids had some friends visiting and Joe yelled for everyone to hear, "Whew! All I can say is somewhere there's a sewer worker who wishes he took today off!" Eleven year-old Kristin Brenner said, "Dad told one of my girlfriends it wasn't safe to go in the bathroom until 2008. I was totally humiliated." Marylin recalls one particularly distasteful occasion after Thanksgiving dinner when Joe left the bathroom and waved his hand as if to clear the air and said, "Oh my God! Remind me to get a caesarean next time!" Recently when Marylin tried to talk to Joe about her distaste for his habit, he said, "Hey honey, I totally understand what you're saying and I will try to have more respect for you're feelings. But can you believe the felony I perpetrated this morning? Whew! I should have been arrested for that!"