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Cincinnati Auto Expo @ Duke Energy Center

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A cable channel that only airs episodes of Walker Texas Ranger would probably be really popular

Walker Texas Ranger is about one man's selfless fight against evil. It is about a man who places the lives of others before his own. I think it is fair to say virtually everyone loves this show as much as I do. Walker is a hero to just about everyone in America. There was this one episode where Walker actually travelled out of his jurisdiction to Mexico where he has no authority and risked his life to catch a despicable arms dealer. This is the kind of personal commitment you don't see every day. There is another episode which I am sure almost everyone has seen in which Walker pursued a professional assassin in a high speed boat chase. Talk about hair raising! Walker actually had the bravery to jump out of his boat and before he landed in the fugitive's boat he managed to do a spinning karate kick to remove a pistol from the assassin's hand. Not only was this great action and drama but Walker again risked his own life to protect society. There are countless episodes like this in which the common themes are bravery and an unyielding commitment to overcoming evil. This is why Walker Texas Ranger is undoubtedly the greatest show that has ever been on television. ......Except for Friends which also has some great episodes like that one where Joey has to keep a bunch of secrets but he gets confused and accidentally tells everyone. That was a really funny episode.