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KATIE VS. MEN: Which Men are Better? 20-somethings or 30-somethings?

By Katie Michaels, DERF Lifestyle Columnist

Those 20-something men…the right one can work wonders…especially for 30-something women. To me, it’s just absolutely the perfect combination. 20-something men are fun and spontaneous. Not to mention that unbelievable sex-drive. Face it, girls, we need a 20-something man to keep up with us.  Am I wrong?  Of course I’m not. 

30-something men, on the other hand, wow, a different story.  If they’re newly single, they’re trying to “make-up” for what they think they’ve been missing out on and ready to unleash the “stud” in them that’s been buried for all these years.  Do they really think we don’t see those beer guts I’ve mentioned before?  You can only suck it in for so long.  What about the guy that’s so ready to get married (because he feels like he’s running out of time), he’ll pop the question to the first girl that’s, well, at least, semi-normal? 

Unfortunately, I’ve experienced both of the above-mentioned 30-something men.  No thanks.  Come on, guys!!!  30-something is not old!  Join a gym – quit eating like somebody is going to ask you for some – quit trying to woo us with your “Rico Suave” impressions.  Yuck!  You’re making it so easy for those 20-something guys to snatch us up. They’re being themselves. That’s what women want. Pretty simple, huh? So, because I am now almost a 30-something women and because of my experiences, I now prefer the 20-something men. They’re much more laid back, even breezy, if you will.  I can be myself.  They’re surprisingly ok with me being the “older” woman, having a little more life experience, knowing I’ve already “found” myself…no worries of me turning into something else.  I’m all grown-up, but I’m still fun, wild and adventurous.  I take care of my body and I’m in great shape. Another bonus to dating the 20-something man - he’s younger so you want to keep him attracted to you. It’s the most motivating “diet” I can think of. 

So, send me your thoughts.

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