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Sometimes I can dance exactly like Justin Timberlake without even trying

By Slade Dandridge, DERF Editorial Columnist

Some of my moves would astound you.  I really don’t have to try.  It comes totally natural to me.  No matter where I am if the conditions are right I bust it out.  People are quick to notice.  They say things like, “What the?  Slade got skills?”  Sometimes when I feel the beat deep in my bones I can’t help but start dancing exactly like Justin Timberlake.  It doesn’t matter where I am or who I am with.  My body channels the rhythm into an effortlessly choreographed and highly stylish dance performance.  My moves are virtually perfect.  It’s like my souls is the masterful conductor of a symphony of limbs, joints, and muscles.  My body glides across the floor in a display of beauty and artistic innovation.  I never practice because I don’t need to.  My style is perfect the way it is.  To practice would be an insult to a little thing called natural ability which I'm not afraid to admit I have a lot of. 
It is difficult through this article to create an accurate mental picture of my skills.  Someday I hope to post online a video of me dancing so you can see for yourself.  All I can say is prepare to be impressed.