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Woman Dumps Boyfriend via Powerpoint Presentation

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CINCINNATI – John Pittman was surprised this week to receive an email with an attached Powerpoint presentation from girlfriend and coworker Julie Nelson indicating her desire to end her relationship with him. Nelson, a US Bank employee created a detailed Powerpoint presentation addressing all the important aspects of the couple’s breakup.

Nelson prepared the nine slide presentation on a standard US Bank template and in a typical business format. The presentation included an agenda, introduction, rationale, other options, concurrences, next steps, and a conclusion. Time for questions and answers was included at the end of the presentation.

Although Pittman thought the presentation was an unusual way to break up, he respected the clarity and organization of his girlfriend’s work. He commented, “Overall it was a solid presentation but I feel it was light in detail and it seemed more like an executive summary. I would have appreciated more elaboration in slide 4 but I thought slide 6 was a little overkill.”  Pittman also felt Nelson could have reinforced her case with a few simple charts or illustrative graphics.