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Couple hires Personal Shoplifter

MARIEMONT – To ease a hectic family schedule and increasing professional demands Daniel and Susan Helvey employed the services of a Personal Shoplifter. An increasing trend among cost conscious busy professionals, the personal shoplifting concept is briskly becoming a highly popular time saving option. Mr. Helvey commented, “We needed a Personal Shoplifter that understands our family’s needs. We need to save time AND money.” An extension of the traditional Personal Shopper service, Personal Shoplifting is intended to deliver added financial value to the consumer. “We’ve worked with a Personal Shopper before but never felt it was worth the expense.” Personal Shoplifter Heather Morgan said, “I consider myself a Personal Shopper with a strategic advantage. I bring lower overhead to the table and I pass the savings onto my customers. In addition to shoplifting I also employ other creative cost savings techniques such as credit card fraud.” Retail stores throughout the U.S. are adjusting business strategies to counter the rising trend in Personal Shoplifter use. GAP clothing retailers have discouraged Personal Shoplifters by offering less attractive clothing. A GAP spokesman commented. “If Personal Shoplifters have to go elsewhere to find attractive clothing then we have won the battle against this business threat.”