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KATIE VS. MEN - What is it with men and their mothers?

By Katie Michaels, DERF Relationship Columnist

Are there any men out there that can make their own decisions? Are we girls just going to have to accept the fact that mommy is always going to be our Arch Nemesis?
Is the harsh reality that if mother says, "No, sorry, son, she's not the one for you", we really have to deal with it and move on? Is it normal for guys to listen to their mothers instead of their hearts? What is this immobilizing hold that some mothers have over their sons? At what point do they cut the apron-strings? Can they? Or, do all guys secretly really have the over-analyzed Freudian Oedipus-Complex...but instead of wanting to get rid of the daddy, it's evolved into getting rid of the girlfriend?

I know what some of you are thinking - "Well, what about fathers and daughters?" Yes, it is true that some fathers are extremely over-protective, and even authoritarian at times. But, there is one thing for which a daughter will ALWAYS stand up to her father - the man she loves. She will risk anything to win that argument. And hey, a daughter's tears, those sad little eyes, the quivering lip, and the two words that NO father can resist, "but daddy" - he doesn't stand a chance.

I am not bashing mothers. I happen to love mine very much. I'm just doing my job. You have questions, and I try to answer them to the best of my incredibly accurate, natural, God-given ability. But I have to admit, and this is the first and last time you'll read these words, KATIE - IS - STUMPED.

Men like sex...passionate, love-making, or wild and hot - to some, it makes no difference. Regardless of which you prefer, how on earth can mommy beat sex??? Especially when said sex is with a woman that you actually love? Are we missing something here? Do men really not like it as much as we think? Duh, no! Or, is it that sex really is all they care about? Is it really not important to them to be in love? Any girl will do (as long as she's good in bed)? Are only females privy to the knowledge that true love may really only come around once?

Boys, I hate to say it, but you're the only ones that can answer these questions (first and last time you'll read those words too).