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Over-the-Rhine 'Stray Bullet Festival' disrupted by craft displays and food booths

CINCINNATI - Organizers of the first annual Stray Bullet Festival in Over-the-Rhine were expecting the festival to go off without a hitch, but instead had their event marred by roving gangs of artisans and food vendors.

“We thought it would be a great way to get the community together, gather round and fire off some stray bullets,” explained organizer Roland Walters.  “Before we even knew what was happening, we were overcome by people peddling frozen lemonade and dolls made out of corn husks.”

Only a handful of stray bullets were fired through the streets before the festival was disrupted by vendors and craft artists.  As they invaded, people began taking cover and heading away from the scene. Festival goer Bill Evans commented, “It was a real disappointment.  I was ready to fire off my first stray bullet of the day when a man interrupted me by trying to sell a corn dog.”

Organizers cancelled the event and plan on having increased police presence next year.  “It is a sad day in this city when you can’t have a day to enjoy some innocent gun play and a few stray bullets,” said festival chairman Brown.  “Maybe next year there will be enough room in the jail to lock up these bead weaving, kettle corn selling hooligans.”