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2-year-old left in hot car, now 41, still trapped in car, sweaty, angry

WESTCHESTER, OH - Promising she’d be back in just a few minutes, Kelly Matthews left her two year old son Tony in the car while she picked up a few items at the store.  After nearly four decades of waiting, Tony Matthews is now sweaty, angry and quite sick of the entire experience.

Tony Matthews waited patiently for her return for several minutes, then hours, and then days.  Eventually, he fell into a routine of sleeping for days on end while tending to a life sustaining a crop of mung beans he grows in the cars ashtray.

“Mom is really making me angry now!” screamed a sweaty and visibly angry Tony.  “If she doesn’t bring me those fruit roll ups she promised, I’m going to scream all the way home.”

When asked of the possibility that his mother may not return, Tony remains confident that she will.  “Obviously, Mom cares a lot about me.  That’s why she cracked the window.”

Mrs. Matthews is suspected to be somewhere in the meat aisle of Kroger, but could not be reached for comment.