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Area couple admits love for son peaked in 08

MASON, OH - Rhonda and Simon Potter have finally admitted that their love for their twelve year old son David reached its peak two years ago.  The couple also expects future love for their son to steadily diminish.

“Ten years of unconditional love is pretty good,” said Simon.  “I’m sure some parents give up a lot earlier.  I could tell by age ten the little guy didn't have a lot of natual athletic ability.  That's dissapointing for a father.  I felt very let down.”

Rhonda explained that age ten was the height of her love for David.  “He still had a cute little baby face.  But every day since then his face has matured awkwardly making his appearance less cute and much less loveable.  Now the acne is starting and that's hard to look at.”

David was surprised by the news, but is keeping a brave face. “Maybe Dad will start loving me more again if I can better  at sports when I get to high school.  Or, maybe they’ll get divorced and both have to shower me with love to fill up the emptiness within themselves.  I'm trying to be optimistic about it.”