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"A Day with Robbie Knievel" still least popular Make-A-Wish Foundation wish

PHOENIX, AZ - The Make-A-Wish Foundation has released their annual report of the most requested wishes they grant for children with life threatening medical conditions.  Once again, “A Day with Robbie Knievel” is at the bottom of those rankings.

“We find that although many children have an interest in the daredevil lifestyle, they just aren’t gravitating toward Mr. Knievel in their wishes,” said Make-A-Wish spokesman Katie Hughes.  “Maybe their parents are steering them away from it, I’m not quite sure. Perhaps Robbie should spend more time directly lobbying the children.  Nick Lachey spends days at a time hanging around hospitals asking kids if they’d like to hang out with him.”

Whatever the reason, Knievel remains an unpopular choice within the program, falling on the list after “Deadliest Catch Fisherman,” “Black Top Driveways with the Pros,” “Spend a Day with a Member of the Gambino Crime Family,” and “Beg for Change with Pauly Shore.”

Make-A-Wish program interest in Knievel daredevil family was actually slightly higher when patriarch Evel Knievel was still alive.  Rumor spread among the children that Evel Knievel would allow the children to drink beer and shoot firearms, leading many to want to spend a day with him.

Robbie Knievel has no explanation for the lack of requests, and seems irritated that more children don’t include him in their wishes.  “I have some great ideas for ways to spend the day,” said Knieval.  “We could go out in the desert together, strap ourselves to a nitrous burning rocket and see how many canyons we can make it over. Why these little brats would rather go to Disneyland is beyond me.”