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American workers look forward to 'Take Your Codependent to Work Day'

NEW YORK, NY - Businesses around the country are preparing for what supporters hope will become an annual tradition -- Take Your Codependent to Work Day.  Organizers hope that the day will allow codependents to gain inspiration by practicing enabling behaviors in a business environment.

Though most businesses have embraced the concept, some notable exceptions refuse to participate in Take Your Codependent to Work Day.”  The Hooters restaurant chain has asked workers not to participate. “I’m fine with that,” said Hooters waitress Tina Paxton. “I think having my drunk, grumbling husband following me around would really hurt my tips.”

The day holds a special place for other corporations. Duke Energy spokesman Carl Ellison explained, “At Duke Energy, we look at codependency as not just a day, but our entire business model. We learned it from a benchmarking visit with Time Warner Cable.  From our passive aggressive customer service to our bullying rate hikes, just remember we’re doing it all for our needy little bitches, I mean, customers.”

Many attendees are looking forward to the event. “I think this is a great idea,” said area codependent Allison Brewer. “Actually, it’s not just a good idea, it is an idea that I need very, very badly in order to make myself feel whole.”  Allison will be spending the day with her boyfriend Keith, who appears to be looking forward to having her around.  “Hopefully we can spend some quality time at the job and then go out to lunch together,” said Keith. “Or better yet, maybe I can take a nap on my office floor and she’ll take care of some of this stuff I’ve been meaning to get to.”