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Northern Kentucky set to dazzle with patriotic meth lab displays

LUDLOW, KY - Independence Day celebrations in Northern Kentucky are especially festive this year as residents have dazzling patriotic meth labs on display. Many streets are lined by decorated red, white and blue meth labs from one end to the other.

In Richwood, the scene is much the same. Brookville Avenue’s display has been attracting visitors from all around the region. “We wanted the kids to know that this holiday is not just about drinking and barbecues,” said visitor Heath Peyton. “This here is a holiday about honoring what makes America great, like the ingenuity of the great American meth lab. When I saw that one with the giant bald eagle on top made out of old sudafed boxes, I almost cried.”

Parker Godsden’s meth lab is decorated in a way that not only entertains viewers, but educates them as well. The lab is adorned with crystalized figurines of Union and Confederate soldiers, spread out on replicas of Civil War battlefields. “It’s all about freedom,” explained Peyton. “The freedom to chose one’s own course in life, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the freedom to get so blasted on meth that your teeth fall out.”

One display caught the attention of a huge crowd, as it incorporated an enormous fireworks display. It was later learned that the meth lab was not intended to celebrate the 4th of July, but rather was poorly manufactured and just happened to blow up.