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Delhi Township finger population drops 20% after 4th of July

CINCINNATI, OH - Early estimates after Independence Day indicate that the population of fingers in Delhi has dropped approximately twenty percent since the 4th of July celebrations ended. They estimate has a margin of error of plus or minus twelve points because it is believed many within the sample were unable to respond to the phone survey due to newly missing fingers.

The significant drop in finger population seems to be a direct result of a neighborhood party held in and around the home of resident Albert Rhodes. Albert planned the celebration after discovering a large crate of fireworks that he had forgotten about in his basement. “Me and the wife took a trip down to Tennessee back in ’84,” he explained. “We brought back half a truck full of fireworks but then had to leave town ‘cause a twister landed on my brother in law in Arkansas. I was pretty excited to find them again. A lot of them they don’t sell anymore or they got banned or something.”

Many believe that the finger population shift is only temporary, and that the fingers will begin making their way back to the Delhi area in the near future. However, some of the fingers are expected to never return again, as they have been appropriated as snacks by neighborhood dogs or blown all the way to Norwood where they are currently being used as rear view mirror decorations.  Local police are currently conducting a neighborhood-wide finger search.

Community leaders in Delhi have embraced the change in finger population. There is a resolution to change the current township slogan from, “Delhi: the floral paradise of Ohio” to “Delhi: it ain’t a party til someone loses a digit.”