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Obama shoots $17 billion out of $18 billion worth of presidential skeet discs.

CAMP DAVID, MD - The White House has released photos, some video and now statistics in reference to the President’s skeet shooting. In his most recent 90 minute outing, President Obama successfully shot a very accurate $17 billion out of $18 billion worth of presidential sport clays.

Video has been released showing the skeet disc carnage left behind from the President’s most recent outing. A small pile of  shattered discs litter the grounds of Camp David, though approximately 15 minutes worth of the discs remain intact and proudly displaying the Presidential seal.  The value of the remaining discs is estimated to be one billion dollars.

“People were complaining that I did not understand the mindset of gun owners,” said President Obama. “Well, I think this proves that I do. I understand the thrill of pulling the trigger of Shotgun 1, of holding the cold grey steel, and the exuberance of hitting my target. As an added bonus, I also know the awesomeness of ordering a drone attack on all of the targets I missed.”

When asked about the cost of the Presidential skeet discs, the White House Budge Office was unconcerned. “Presidential discs cost about $2,200,000 a piece and fall under the Presidential sport and hobby section of the budget,” said senior economic advisor David Oakes. “Adjusted for inflation, President Obama has spent half as much money on skeet shooting as President Eisenhower spent on lawn jarts.”