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Celebrity NASCAR Driver Dick Trickle Backs Leslie Ghiz’s Proposal To Ban Nicknames

CINCINNATI-Cincinnati councilwoman Leslie Ghiz is backing a bill that would make nicknames, especially those of a derogatory and sexual nature, illegal. In recent weeks, Ghiz has appeared throughout the Cincinnati area on radio, TV, and even campaigning door to door. Backed by colleagues Sharon Semen and Mike Hunt, Ghiz is on a mission to end what she calls “malignant and inappropriate nicknaming.” On Monday, Ghiz’s campaign got a big lift from popular NASCAR driver, Dick Trickle. “It's just not funny,” says Trickle, a 61-year-old veteran racing star. Many of Ghiz’s constituents wholeheartedly agree. “We’ve heard it all before,” says Hugh Jass of Sharonville. “People think they’re funny. They’re not.”