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Congress announces terrorist I.D. card program

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In a series of anti-terrorist measures enacted since 9-11-2001, Congress recently introduced the Terrorist Identification Card. Explaining the program to the media today, House Democratic Leader Richard A. Gephardt said all known terrorists will be asked to voluntarily enroll in the card program by appearing at their local license bureau to receive the card which is clearly marked to indicate the individual is a known terrorist.

As an incentive, frequent flyer miles will be awarded to encourage terrorists to enroll in the card program. Congressman Gephardt, who was accompanied on the White House steps today by known Saudi terrorist Mujib Mukhtar commented, "This is a positive step in creating an open and honest relationship with our terrorist residents." Carriers of the terrorist card will be requested to show the card before boarding any form of public transportation.

Mukhtar said, "I plan to carry the card because I respect the laws of the U.S. and I appreciate the opportunity help Americans feel more comfortable living amongst terrorists."