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Air Force One pictures turn out really nice

NEW YORK – Following a relaxing photo op day for Air Force One in lower Manhattan this week, White House photographers say they are very pleased with most of the photos taken. A White House official in charge of the photo op said, “These pictures truly capture Air Force One as a symbol of stability and control.  Each photo will reinforce America’s perception that there are no surprises when it comes to Air Force One.”

Under conditions of anonymity, a White House insider said many of the photos inadvertently captured background images of New Yorkers scrambling for safety and evacuating buildings.  A ranking member of the photo op team commented, “We believe this conveys the vibrant and spirited energy of the city.  People in New York are always rushing around.  Evacuating buildings is something New Yorkers do for sport.  We are happy to capture this as part of our proud American Landscape.”

White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs said he is happy to report the entire photo op was completed for slightly under $2 million dollars.  “This kind of official photo documentation is priceless.  We are fortunate it came at such a low cost.”

Plans for future Air Force One photo ops in other major metropolitan areas reportedly include a spring break photo op in Ft. Lauderdale with a trailing advertisement for a popular local wet t-shirt contest.