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politics News

Joe the Plumber unclogs Sarah Palin Book from John McCain’s toilet

SEDONA, AZ - The toilet in the master bathroom of Sen. John McCain is flowing freely once again after being repaired by former McCain campaign proponent Joe the Plumber.  Joe the Plumber was dispatched to the McCain house and quickly discovered the problem was being caused by a copy of Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rouge: An American Life.

“That Joe the Plumber guy always seemed like a nice fella, and I remember him saying I should give him a call sometime,” explained Sen. McCain.  “He had pretty much slipped my mind.  Well, until the toilet clogged.  Then he was the first person I thought of.”

It is not certain how the book became stuck in the toilet, and Sen. McCain has refused to elaborate on how the situation came about.  Sources confirm that he was home, and in the bathroom when the toilet ceased functioning.  This has led to speculation that the Senator either dropped, purposefully threw, or perhaps physically passed the book into the toilet.

“I was just happy to be able to help out.” said Joe the Plumber.  “Plus, I’m very excited to read the book now that I have a copy.  Just need to give it a couple of days to dry out.”