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Greeks continue protest by not breaking dishes

ATHENS, GREECE - After weeks of rioting in the streets over cuts in government spending, angry Greeks are continuing their protests by refusing to break dishes at celebrations.

The threat has caught the attention of the international community as people around the world are shocked that the Greek people would do away with the charming tradition.  “The crisis in Greece has obviously reached a point that requires intervention,” said European Union President Herman Von Rompoy. “To think that there are Greeks getting married right now and heading off to their honeymoon with all of the reception plates in tact really pulls at my heartstrings.”

The strike against breaking dishes has also had an impact on the world porcelain market, as the plates broken by Greeks on a daily basis provided many jobs in the dish making industry.  However, American manufacturer Chinette appears to be profiting from the protest, as sales of paper plates in Greece have surged.

An angry protestor rallied others to follow his lead while standing in the streets of Athens.  George Pallivolfos held a dinner plate above his head, and then covered it securely with layers of bubble-wrap to ensure that the dish remained unharmed.  “Much like our resolve and will, this plate will remain whole and intact,” screamed George to the crowd.  “I long for the day this crisis is over, and I can break this plate into a thousand pieces to celebrate a nice plate of baklava.”