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Donald Trumpís hair picks Steve Chabotís hair as running mate

NEW YORK, NY - Though the campaign for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination has barely begun, Donald Trump’s hair has already declared its intention to have Steve Chabot’s hair as a running mate.

A statement from the Trump organization stated that Donald Trump’s hair has been a fan of Steve Chabot’s hair for many years. “We feel that Steve Chabot’s hair has much to offer Donald Trump’s hair, the nation’s hair, and the world’s hair,” the statement read. “The decision to have Steve Chabot’s hair on board as a running mate came after an exhaustive follicle by follicle search and vetting process.”

The announcement was made at a Supercuts in Steve Chabot hair’s home neighborhood of Westwood, on the west side of Cincinnati. Many prominent sets of hair were on hand, including Gov. John Kasich’s hair, Rep. Jean Schmidt’s hair, and newscaster Jack Atherton’s hair.

Political analyst Jack Gibson feels that the pair will make a good team. “You’ve got the big city Donald Trump hair matched with the midwestern sensibilities of Steve Chabot’s hair,” Gibson explained. “Not to mention the boost this will give with the all important Ohio hair vote. They should definitely stay on the offensive though, and not let themselves get bogged down in any negative campaigning from Sarah Palin’s hair.”

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