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Male Nurse Joe Harbaugh tired of family’s constant focus on sports

ANN ARBOR, MI - Joe Harbaugh has diligently worked to become one of the most well-respected male nurses in the state of Michigan. Lately, however, Joe has grown tired of his family’s constant focus on sports.

“Got a call from Dad yesterday,” said an exasperated Joe. “I started to tell him about this patient I had who was doing remarkably better after I suggested the doctor up him to 4 liters of oxygen. Well, before I could get through my story, he changed the subject to some sporting event that my brothers are involved in. I guess there is some media coverage of it too.  Big deal, Pops. Let me know when they manage to save someone’s life.”

Joe Harbaugh’s brothers, Jim and John are head football coaches in the NFL. In a story slowly gaining media popularity, both brothers won their respective conferences and will face each other in the Super Bowl. This feat has not gone unnoticed by their parents. “Jim and John are making history,” said Momma Harbaugh. “I could not be more proud of them. And Joe, well, I hope he can find someone to cover his 4-12 swing shift at Beaumont Hospital so maybe he can make it to the game with us. He’s never watched a football game before. This would be a good one to start with.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” explains Joe. “I enjoy sports. Just the other day I was catching up on some men’s gymnastics that I DVR’d from last year's Olympics. But I don’t let sports rule my life like some people who I shall not mention. Mom. Dad. Jim. John and all of the rest of my stupid family.”

"Also I keep getting voicemails from some guy I don't know named Cooper Manning who says he understands my situation.  I guess he must be a fellow male nurse also."  

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