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Undercover officer praised in Michael Vick arrest

ATLANTA - Officer David Skolnick received public commendations this week from the Atlanta Police Department for successfully infiltrating the NFL Quarterback Michael Vick dog fighting organization. The innovative undercover operation centered around Skolnick's ability to penetrate the group disguised as one of Vick's prized pit bulls. Skolnick dressed in a convincing dog mask and costume for over two years and lived in the pen with the fighting dogs. He completely immersed himself in a canine lifestyle by eating dog food everyday and actually mating with many of the bitches several times per week.

Skolnick feared for his life on the numerous occasions when he was required to fight other dogs in championship matches. Relying on basic dog fighting skills he acquired in preparation for this undercover role, Skolnick managed to remain undefeated though 18 matches before collecting enough evidence to arrest Michael Vick. Skolnick commented, "I think many of the dogs feel I betrayed them, espcially the bitches I mated with, but I hope they realize what I did was necessary to protect them. One day I know they will realize there is life after dog fighting."