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Chinese Olympic gymnasts return heroically to playpens throughout China

CHINA - Members of the Chinese woman's Olympic team made a glorious return to their respective day care centers this week after a remarkable performance at the 2008 Olympic games.  Although the Chinese government insists each team member is sixteen years old, an investigation by the International Olympic Committee revealed all team members of the Chinese team range in age from eighteen months to almost three years. 

The athletes were greeted enthusiastically by fellow toddlers in their playpens.   Many toddlers were drawn to the shiny Olympic medals.  In several cases the athletes and their toddler friends used the medals while teething.  Each of the day care centers used the Olympic medals to make attractive mobiles hanging above the playpens.    

Several older members of the team who are almost three years old have stated plans to retire from gymnastics this year allowing positions in the 20012 Olympics to open up for promising younger and more energetic athletes.   Also many of the three year olds say it is difficult to balance the demands of an Olympic career with many long hours working in the Beijing Nike factory.