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Bengals defensive holes seen from Google Earth

CINCINNATI - The Cincinnati Bengal's organization discovered this week that gaps in the team's defensive line are so large they are visible from the satellites used by Google Earth.  Other NFL teams have gained an advantage by studying Google Earth in addition to game film when preparing to play the Bengals. 

Dallas Cowboy's Coach Wade Phillips commented, "Prior to Sunday's game the holes looked so large we assumed the satellites were in error and needed to be recalibrated.  We called the Google call center to report the problem but they assured us the images were accurate.  During the game we learned it was the Bengals defense that needed recalibration, not the satellites."

Coach Marvin Lewis said during a post-game press conference, "We're thankful to have found a technology that has revealed the true magnitude of our defensive weaknesses.  We will do everything we can this week to reduce the size of the gaps."    

A Bengals spokesperson encouraged fans to check the website during the week to see Google Earth photos indicating the progress made by defensive line.  Reportedly, other items that can be clearly seen from Google Earth include Chad Johnson's ego and large blocks of empty seats in Paul Brown Stadium in the fourth quarter of every game.

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