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Tony Romo trades self for Carson Palmer in fantasy football

DALLAS - After escaping with an overtime win over the Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas quarterback Tony Romo was so disappointed in his performance that he immediately sought out to trade himself from his fantasy football team.  After brief negotiations, he struck a deal to trade himself heads up for Carson Palmer.

Romo has been upset with his performance on his fantasy team all season.  He briefly considered putting himself on waivers after picking up Michael Vick in a supplemental draft.  He’s also had some heated fantasy confrontations, grabbing himself by his fantasy face mask and giving himself a good fantasy shaking.

“I just feel like my fantasy self has been struggling,” explained Romo.  “I also feel that fantasy Carson would be a better leader in the huddle than fantasy me.  There are some real problems in the chemistry on my fantasy team, and I think I am the problem.  So good riddance to me.”

Carson Palmer was excited to hear news of the trade saying, “I’m excited to be part of Tony Romo’s fantasy organization.  This will sure be better than playing for Pacman Jones’ fantasy team last year.  He might be an even worse owner than Mike Brown.”