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CC Sabathia tired of being copied on everyone’s emails

NEW YORK - In an effort to keep distractions to a minimum, Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia has vowed not to check his hotmail account through the rest of the post season.  CC finds that being constantly copied on everyone’s emails leads to a frustrating flood of mail in his inbox.

“You think it’s annoying getting mail about credit cards and male enhancement?” asked CC. “Try getting a copy of every little note anyone ever sends anyone.  At first it was kind of fun reading them, but now it’s gotten really old.”

CC is the recipient of over 200 million electronic mailings an hour and only a fraction of them are addressed to him directly.  “I never know which ones though, so I’ve got to wade through and try to figure it out.  The other day I found an email my cousin sent inviting me to a barbeque in June 2002.  It was in the middle of like sixty thousand interoffice memos between employees at General Electric.”

CC admits that the problem could be worse, “I feel even more sorry for my brother, BCC Sabathia.  He gets millions of emails a day too, and he has to wade through them all with a computer synthetic voice translator, because he is sight impaired.”