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Jim Bowden overheard comparing other mundane annoyances to tragic world events

After enduring harsh criticism for comparing the possible baseball strike to the September 11 tragedy, Cincinnati Reds General Manager Jim Bowden continues to stir controversy by making further inappropriate analogies. Employees at Blockbuster Video were recently startled by Bowden's over reaction to receiving a $1.25 late fee when he reportedly yelled out, "This is worse than the &#%$ holocaust!" Days later in the stadium parking garage, witnesses reported Bowden's angry reaction when he noticed the check engine light came on in his Porsche. "My God, when does it end? I might as well be at #&#^$& Pearl Harbor!" In a later unconfirmed report, Bowden compared locking himself out of his house to the Columbine shooting incident. In a brief statement, Bowden said he understands now that comparing the baseball strike to September 11 went overboard. He added, "After careful consideration, I would only compare the baseball strike to the Oklahoma City bombing."