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Kobe Bryant expected to go high in the Convict Basketball League draft.

Insiders report Kobe Bryant is sure to be this season\'s number one draft pick in the Convict Basketball League. Anticipating Kobe will be ruled eligible for the Convict Draft System shortly, prison wardens across the country are negotiating convict trades in hopes of placing Kobe on their roster. As the frenzied bidding for Kobe heats up, it is not unusual for wardens to offer three or four veteran murderers plus a couple rapists in return for Kobe. New Jersey\'s notable white-collar prison, Freehold Federal Penitentiary, eager to make it’s first CBL playoffs is currently offering an unprecedented trade consisting of an entire cell block of almost fifty tax evaders, insider traders, and corporate CEOs in return for Kobe. Freehold’s Warden David Nilknarf commented, \"We\'re don\'t want to set our expectations too high after learning our lesson from O.J. Simpson and Ray Lewis who were both outstanding talents but were never ruled eligible for the Convict Draft System. It is a tragedy these top level recruits never got the opportunity to play in our system.\" Warden Nilknarf also commented, \"We will be very proud if Kobe ultimately wears our uniform. Although it is not as colorful as his current uniform, I\'m certain it will last a lot longer.\"