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Bengal Disappointment: Chad and T.O almost miss halftime meeting with reality show agent

FOXBOROUGH, MA - Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens expressed crushing disappointment and regret after being late to a meeting with a reality show agent near the end of the first half of Sunday's game.  Though the pair did make it eventually, their tardiness created a somber tone for the meeting.

Ochocinco and Owens wore embarrassed looks on their faces as they scampered off the Gillette Stadium turf while time still remained in the first half of play.  “Of course I was a little embarrassed,” said TO.  “You only get so many opportunities to meet with a good reality show agent, and I felt like I was really letting the reality television community down.”

Ochocinco’s thoughts on the situation are similar. “I just hope that everyone knows that this is a mistake I will never repeat.  Being late to practices or games or my kids baptisms is one thing, but letting down a TV agent is something that should never happen.  I apologize to the entire entertainment industry.”

When asked why they set the meeting for a Sunday when they knew that it might be interrupted by a football game, the pair explained that it was easily the best time for everyone involved.  “Monday through Thursday, I am busy studying film,” explained Ochocinco.  “I still have a four episodes of Dancing with the Stars to study and half a season of The Ultimate Catch.  Then Fridays and Saturdays are packed with clubbing and dinner dates at McDonald’s.”

Television agent Raymond Novak was just seconds away from leaving when the two finally arrived for the half time meet up.  “When we set up the meeting, they made it clear that Sunday afternoon was a perfect time for them,” said Novak.  “So when I saw them jogging toward me so long after they were supposed to be there, i became concerned these guys may not be taking their reality television careers seriously.”