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Mike Leake unable to locate Motherís Day gift receipt

CINCINNATI, OH – This Mother’s Day Reds relief pitcher Mike Leake gave his mother a beautiful sweater from Macy’s.  Although Mrs. Leake loves the sweater, she told her son it is slightly too large.  She hopes to exchange it for a necklace she has had her eye on for several months. 

“I don’t want to be a bother but I’ve asked Mike several times for the receipt.” said Mrs. Leake.  “I know he’s busy pitching 3.5 innings per month but I hope he has time to find it.”

Mike Leake commented, “I’m certain the receipt is in my apartment somewhere but my place is a mess so it is hard to find things sometimes.  It might be under my collection of t-shirts.”

Reportedly after an exhaustive search, early this week Leake gave up and decided it would take less time to simply visit Macy’s and pick up the necklace for his Mom. 

Pleased with the outcome, Mrs. Leake said, “My son is so generous.  I just wish he was a little more organized.”