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Doctors study relation of ACL injuries to Carson Palmer contract extensions

PHOENIX, AZ - Medical experts are investigating what could be a revolutionary new finding in the world of arthroscopic and sports medicine. Carson Palmer’s recent injury has led medical scientists to study the relation of ACL injuries to recently signed contract extensions.

For the second time in his career, Palmer suffered a severe ACL injury shortly after signing a large contract extension. This event sent the medical community into an instant uproar, though it did not come as a big surprise to NFL football fans. “Huh? Carson blew out his knee?” asked Arizona Cardinal fan Mel Thompson. “I’m a little shocked. Mostly that he didn’t do it walking down the steps with his agent immediately after the signing.”

Palmer was devastated by the injury, but remains hopeful for the future. “Maybe these doctors and scientist are on to something,” Carson said. “If the research comes up with a cure or some insight or something, then maybe something good can come from this. Well, something else good besides me getting paid millions of dollars to sit at home watching the game show network. That’s kinda good.”

“We could be on the verge of a real breakthrough,” said Dr. Martin Solomon. “If we can find this connection, we could develop means of fighting ligament tears and possibly prevent them for the generations ahead. Or, it might be something totally specific to Carson Palmer, in which case no one will really care. Except maybe his brother Jordan. So, like I said, no one will really care.”