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Cooper Manning passed over again in NFL draft

NEW ORLEANS, LA - Surrounded by his family, Cooper Manning spent three days watching seven rounds of the NFL draft.  Once again, Cooper was disappointed to find out that no NFL team drafted him.

Despite not playing football after high school, the Manning family has always believed that a team might take a chance on the eldest of Archie’s sons.  They gather each year to watch the NFL draft in hopes that Cooper will finally be chosen.  “It’s at least a nice chance for us all to get together,” said brother Peyton.  “Mom makes a bunch of different dips, and every time a team is about to announce their pick, Dad shouts, ‘Here it comes Coop!  Here it comes!’”

At age 35, Cooper is beginning to believe that maybe the NFL isn’t in his future.  “I firmly believed that there had to be a team interested in having a third Manning take them to the Super Bowl,” said Peyton and Eli’s older brother.  “Or, at least I thought I might get drafted to work in the front office or sell beer or something.”

Despite not having a career in the NFL, Cooper Manning has been quite successful in his job at an energy investment firm.  But sometimes the job does not leave him satisfied, “I could probably move some things around in my portfolio and have more cash than Eli and Peyton combined,” he explains. “But no matter how good of an energy investment rep you are, you never get to be on TV in an Oreo’s commercial.”