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Peyton Manning admits brother Cooper substituted for him during Monday Night Football loss

DENVER, CO – The NFL refs weren’t the only replacement personnel on the field during the Broncos-Falcons Monday Night Football game this week.  Team officials and media representatives were shocked to learn Cooper Manning played the quarterback position during the entire first quarter of the game.  In a public statement, Peyton Manning admitted his brother Cooper has subbed for both him and his brother Eli regularly throughout their careers. 

Blowing the lid off an apparent Manning quarterback conspiracy that extends as far back as 2008, Peyton said, “This isn’t unusual for us.  Eli’s 2008 Super Bowl victory was pretty much all Cooper.  The famous David Tyree ‘helmet catch’ that basically won the game?  Only Cooper could have thrown that.  Cooper also had a fantastic QB rating in Eli’s 2012 Super Bowl win.  Cooper has helped me out a lot too but as far as I can remember I completely won my own Super Bowl.”

“Cooper is extremely talented so our family has decided to use him whenever he can get away from the office.  Unfortunately, in this instance Cooper threw a lot of interceptions and we both take full responsibility for that.  Due to his office schedule he wasn’t able to get completely up to speed on this Denver offense.  We’re both learning.”

National Football League officials say other illegal player substitutions have been discovered during an ongoing investigation.  Reportedly Jordan Palmer often subs for brother Carson Palmer.  Also Ben Roethlisberger’s sister Carlee often substitutes for her brother when playing the Cleveland Browns as well as various non-divisional games. 

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