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Joey Votto returns to work as Aroldis Chapman’s designated driver

CINCINNATI, OH - Reds first baseman Joey Votto received a surprise after being reinstated from the disabled list this week. The former MVP has been assigned as Aroldis Chapman’s designated driver.

The role of designated driver for Aroldis Chapman is a rotating position on the team, and Votto’s name had been picked just hours before his activation from the DL. “It makes everything bittersweet,” said Joey. “I’m excited to be back with the club, but driving Aroldis around puts a damper on things. I wish I could have pulled this duty while I was still on the DL. I had more time on my hands and I could have used some excitement.”

Chapman’s teammates decided to pitch in and drive him around since his recent trouble with law enforcement. “It’s no different than laying down a sac bunt to get a guy over to second base,” explains outfielder Jay Bruce. “Sometimes you have to give sacrifices for your teammates. Occasionally it means you have to make an out. Other times it means you have to drive a half crazy Cuban around in your car.”

Though Votto wishes he could just concentrate on baseball, he knows that the added responsibility of being Chapman’s designated driver will involve some effort as well. “It could be worse,” said Votto. “It could be my month to clean up Dusty’s used wet toothpicks, or I could have to be the one to remind Marty to take his pills, or it could be my turn to have to pretend to listen to Bronson Arroyo play guitar. All in all, I guess I got off pretty easy.”