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Ray Lewis buys Aaron Hernandez jersey on eBay

BALTIMORE, MD - Retired Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is among the many buyers who have scooped up Aaron Hernandez jerseys on eBay. The jerseys are no longer available in normal retail outlets, leading many like Lewis to seek them out on the online auction site.

“Glad I bought these at K-Mart before they took them off the shelves,” said the eBay seller who had the jersey for auction, Rick Markesbery. “I knew there would be a market for selling the hard to find jersey of an NFL player accused murderer. But, never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be lucky enough to sell the jersey to an NFL player who was accused of murder! I’m just trying to soak it all in. I hope he enjoys it, and I really hope he leaves me some good feedback for my super fast A+ shipping.”

Lewis had the winning bid of $187.59 on the home New England Patriots number 81 jersey. “I think everyone knows I have the intensity of a winner,” said Lewis. “I had my sights set on that jersey, and nothing was going to get in my way, no one was going to outbid me. Just like I never let any offensive linemen get in my way when I wanted to get to the quarterback, or how I never let any internal organs get in the way when I wanted to plunge a knife into someone.”

When asked why he decided to buy the jersey, Lewis was candid. “I heard that Aaron Hernandez bought one of my jerseys back in 2000,” he explained. “I thought I would return the favor. We both got pretty good deals, mine is worth more today because I’ll be going in the hall of fame, and his will be worth more when he goes to the gas chamber.”

Lewis plans to display the Hernandez jersey in his home on a wall of honor which also features his own jersey, and the jersey of OJ Simpson.