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Reds announce Disgusted Fan Bobblehead Night

CINCINNATI, OH - Following up on the success of the many Bobblehead Nights they’ve had in the past, the Cincinnati Reds have announced another that they hope will have fans lining up to get into the park. The first 25,000 in attendance will be going home with a new favorite souvenir at the upcoming “Disgusted Fan Bobblehead Night.”

“We’ve already tapped out the fan favorites,” said Reds undersecretary of marketing relations Kevin White. “Let’s face it, as much as we’d love to make one, no one is going to come to the park to get a JJ Hoover bobblehead. So, we figured, let’s give the fans something they can remember this season by. And best of all, we can reuse the molds again next year when the team starts tanking after the All-Star Break.”

Some fans are embracing the idea, and can’t wait to get their hands on the new figurine. “My Disgusted Fan Bobblehead is going to be front and center on my desk at work,” said Brenda Carls from Mason. “Sure, it will remind me of a shockingly frustrating season, but it’ll do it in a fun way. You know, because the head bobbles up and down. So fun. Doesn’t make me want to shoot myself at all.”

The team is planning a few other special nights to capitalize on the disappointing nature of this season. “There is plenty more for fans to look forward to,” White went on to explain. “Stay tuned for the “Rally Cap of No Significance” giveaway, the free Our Bullpen Blows horn, and the “Thundersticks of Mediocre Shame Night.”