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Short distance relationships not working for local man

CINCINNATI - After putting considerable time and effort into dating women who live a short distance from his home, Michael Barkley has come to the conclusion that short distance relationships are not a viable option for him.

“I have heard that there are some couples that are able to pull it off,” explained Barkley.  “But the fact is, a short distance relationship just puts so much strain on everyone involved, that I think it is best to not even try.”

The problems began for Michael when he began dating Michelle Watts, who lives less than 5 miles from his home in Oakley. He felt that having her live just a short car ride away made the relationship awkward.  “She often asked why I wanted phone sex when she only lived 5 minutes away.”  said Michael.  “I really crave the intimacy you can only get from being in different time zones.”

Michael had a similar experience when he began dating a woman who lived in Ft. Thomas, Kentucky.  He was hopeful that living in separate states might help create a more meaningful relationship.  “Maybe I should have at least tried to find someone outside of the I-275 loop,” Michael laments. 

For now, Michael has taken himself out of the dating game.  He plans to begin searching personal ads from the west coast, Canada, and several Asian countries looking for the right woman.