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Amazon Kindle named top gift for spouses out of ideas

NEW YORK, NY - Consumer groups have listed the Amazon Kindle as the top holiday gift for spouses who have run out of ideas for things to buy their mate. The Kindle is expected to be a top gift this year among couples who have stopped putting much thought or care into their holiday shopping.

“After years of buying your spouse meaningful presents, there comes a time when you are ready to take a break from caring,” said shopping expert Kathryn Manderlay. “And nothing will say ‘I just don’t care enough to think up something better’ this year like a Kindle. Orders are expected to come flocking in from the unimaginative throughout the season.”

Experts say that the Kindle falls into a perfect spot for couples who do not want to engage in sentimental, sweet, or thoughtful gift-giving. “It isn’t that expensive, but it seems like it should be, so you won’t look like you’re being cheap,” explains Manderlay. “It’s also not so expensive that the couple will spend any time fighting over who gets it after the divorce.”

Amazon has not commented on the honor, though they did point out that Kindles will be available to order for Christmas delivery up until Christmas Eve, allowing couples to completely avoid thinking about each other until the very last minute.