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Downtown parking meter #13724 inducted into Parking Meter Hall of Fame

CINCINNATI, OH - The Parking Meter Hall of Fame has just announced the inductees for 2011, and Cincinnati parking meter #13724 will be among the honorees.  #13724 is located downtown near the corner of Central Parkway and Walnut streets.  An artist from the Parking Meter Hall of Fame will be in town soon to create a bronze bust of meter #13724 for its enshrinement.

City Officials report during its 15-year career #13724 has collected over $100,000 from people who could have put the money to good use elsewhere.  Another $100,000 has been collected from people who've received parking tickets after letting the diligent #13724 expire sometimes for even just a few minutes.  #13724 has been especially productive since the massive 2010 massive parking rate increase took effect.

“I'm very happy for #13724,” said local Parking Meter Enforcement Captain Keith Dusing. “#13724 is the reason my staff and I were able to afford a building full of new office furniture last year.  We've also enjoyed the annual Parking Meter Enforcement golf outing for ten years running thanks to #13724.  Seriously, the only thing she could have done better was work on Sunday's but unfortunately, the law doesn't allow that."

The meter has served Cincinnati through many great and not so great moments.  During the riots of 2001, meter #13724 was struck by several garbage cans but continued to function.  It has also been a favorite parking meter of many celebrities including Norma Rashid, former Cincinnati Enquirer editor Peter Bronson, and Cincinnati Bell spokesman Nick Lachey.

“It’s seen a lot, been through a lot, and collected quite a few quarters,” Dusing went on to say. “It’s been urinated on by dogs, cats, and homeless people, and Superhero Shadow Hare once rested his arm on it after a thrilling chase.  Congrats #13724, hopefully, I’ll be there for your induction speech.”