span class='articlebody' style=' font-weight:400;font-style:normal;text-rendering: optimizeLegibility;line-height:1.6; font-family: Lato, Arial;color: #666;'>A Blue Ash man who has never worked as a sales person made history this week when he actually bought a Ford Taurus. Members of the media were present as the perplexed but grateful Ford Dealership Owner, John Nolan, ceremoniously handed the keys to customer Ken Jacobson. Previously purchased only by sales organizations, the Ford Taurus is America's highest selling fleet vehicle. Industry sources report that prior to Jacobson's purchase, there has never been a single Taurus purchased by a non-salesperson. News of the unlikely purchase traveled rapidly amongst amazed sales professionals throughout the country who generally drive the Taurus because it is the only model offered by their company. Reportedly the Jacobson's also own a Toyota Camry and neighbors report overhearing Mr. and Mrs. Jacobson recently arguing over who gets to drive which car.